Ways for 30 Rock to Enjoy Definitely Getting Renewed Despite Awful Ratings

Syndication! Those glorious four syllables are the reason that 30 Rock will almost definitely be renewed for next season even though it’s doing even worse in the ratings than Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?, which might well get canceled. Here are some ways 30 Rock could take advantage of the fact that they’re fairly certain to get another season no matter how low their ratings go:

- repeat the script of an old episode but have every actor trade places (Tina Fey as Tracy Jordan, Alec Baldwin as Jenna Maroney, etc.)- throw a dance party for its characters and writers and film them interacting with no pre-arranged plot, like a reality show-slash-improv monoscene- devote a full episode to Rachel Dratch’s characters through the years, à la Chris Lilley shows, so we see Greta the cat-wrangler interacting with Vlem the prostitute and the blue dude from Tracy Does Conan- hire the cast of Community
Ways for 30 Rock to Enjoy Definitely Getting Renewed […]