A Reminiscent Week in Comedy

- We have a newsletter now!

- The votes have spoken, and they have anointed “Remedial Chaos Theory” the Best Sitcom Episode ever. Congratulations to its champions!

- We looked fondly back on Get a Life.

- Were you afraid of Rugrats?

- We wondered what older shows would do well on TV today.

- Jack Donaghy and Alex P. Keaton finally met worthy political opponents: each other.

- We explained the unlikely beauty of Arrested Westeros.

- We got a visit from our co-worker Linda.

- We paid tribute to Tim Meadows’s SNL past.

- We defended the much-maligned 1941.

- We told you why you need to watch Baby Big Body.

- We unearthed the coulda-would-shoulda’s of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

- We remembered eight of the most memorable MadTV characters.

- We listened in on the debates behind The Office’s “Business School.”

- We got acquainted with Bob and Ray of Bob and Ray.

And the Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week are:

The Apple Store is as Bad as Foxconn

Horse iPad

Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone

Police Captain Tea

Seven Minutes in Heaven with Paul Rudd

A Reminiscent Week in Comedy