A Sweltering Week in Comedy

- We guided you through the comedy landscape of Austin, TX.

- We spoke to Aziz Ansari about his new self-released standup special.

- We brought you the short films of Louis C.K.

- We asked where Comedy Central took a wrong turn.

- We talked to Seth Morris about First Dates with Toby Harris.

- The Onion is moving, and they’re selling their furniture.

- We introduced you to the tragically short career of Charlie Barnett.

- We might not care about joke stealing after all.

- We remembered the wackiness of Ren & Stimpy.

- Would you like to see our wine list?

- We looked back at Paul Shaffer’s time on SNL.

- We watched I Am Comic.

- We’d hate if anyone hated I Hate Being Single.

- We pit budding crimefighters Gloria Pritchett and Phoebe Buffay against each other.

- We rewound and rewound these great audition tapes.

- We lamented the lost roles of Gilda Radner.

- We told you what you’re missing by just watching the Hulu version of SNL.

- We got up early for David Letterman’s morning show.

- Ready, aim, listen to the DVD commentary for “Ready, Aim, Marry Me.”

Here are the Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Kony Responds to Kony 2012 Video


Viking Wives

The Hunger Games Game

Very Mary-Kate: Pillow Talk

A Sweltering Week in Comedy