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Party Lines Slideshow: Amber Heard, January Jones, Emmy Rossum, and More at the Met Opera Gala

Amber Heard. Photo: CLINT SPAULDING/Patrick McMullan

If you thought NBC’s The Playboy Club left a bad taste in your mouth, try putting yourself in Amber Heard’s bunny suit. “I think it’ll be a little while before I go back to television,” the star of the now defunct show told us last night, at the premiere of Manon at the Metropolitan Opera House. “It’s a little tricky with TV; tricky is certainly a word for it.” Heard says she’s busy getting a couple of film projects off the ground instead, and she has a movie with Gary Oldman, Motor City, in preproduction. This being the opera and all, we asked if she’d ever consider a role that required singing. “By no means can I sing,” she said. “I’m horrible.” Maybe once shooting begins on Motor City, she’ll at least hit up a karaoke bar with the more musically inclined Oldman? “That would be a challenge,” she told us. “I would suggest a pretty powerful song that would drown me out. Or I can do punk rock. I can hit up the library for some Runaways or Iggy Pop or something. ‘Cherry Bomb’ — there you go.” With that fantastic visual in your head, please click through our slideshow for more quotes from the carpet.

Party Lines Slideshow: Amber Heard and More at the Met Opera Gala