Anna Faris on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Scarily Dogged Improvisational Skills

Did you know that Anna Faris grew up acting in Arthur Miller and plays about the Holocaust? This profile details how she moved from those roles to House Bunny and Scary Movie, and most recently The Dictator. Here’s how she describes her experience working on the improv-heavy set of the latter:

“You have to really be on your toes be very malleable,” says Faris. “Sacha definitely thrives on making people uncomfortable. He’s like a bulldog that way. When he senses he’s making someone mildly uncomfortable, he just clenches on and won’t let go. It’s fun for an actor to be able to play off that. You just had to be alert. There was a lot of Red Bull-drinking on my part.”

Well, that sounds terrifying. I mean, I wouldn’t compare it to working on a play about the Holocaust, or anything. (Working with Sacha Baron Cohen sounds way more traumatizing.)

Anna Faris on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Scarily Dogged […]