Casey Wilson on Doing a Birthday Suit Birthday Dance With Whitney Cummings

Tonight on Happy Endings, Penny will celebrate her 31st birthday, but it’ll be hard for the character to top Casey Wilson’s 30th:

For my 30th, I thought, I’m gonna blow it out and do the biggest birthday ever, and I was insisting that everybody do two or three tequila shots, which is such a bad idea. People were actively saying, “No, we don’t want to!” because I was peer-pressuring them. And then my girlfriend Whitney Cummings and I had so much tequila that we were randomly pulling our pants down and taking our tops off and dancing. People were like, “Stop, ew, get out of here!” It was really upsetting.

Gotta get that tequila-fueled pantsless dancing in before your thirties, I suppose. No one wants to see that after 40. Actually, it sounds like no one wants to see it anytime, but it’s still a funny image. I’d like to imagine that at the start of every new TV season, all the network sitcom leads get together to dance naked in a field somewhere. If they don’t already do this, they should start.

Casey Wilson on Doing a Birthday Suit Birthday Dance […]