Comedy Central Greenlights More Programming That Sounds So Good You’ll Pee Yourself

Comedy Central has picked up three awesome-sounding series, including a weekly roast show starring Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross to premiere this summer. In The Burn, Ross and other comics will take on current events and public figures to (in his eloquent terms) “rip the world a new asshole one crack at a time.” This fall will also see the premieres of Review with Forrest MacNeil starring Eastbound & Down’s Andy Daly, as well as Nathan For You, a half hour comedy in which comedian Nathan Fielder gives business advice to real people and probably sends them into financial ruin. Are you peeing with anticipation yet? (How about with admiration at the restraint I just showed by not making an “antici-pee-tion” joke right there?)

Comedy Central Greenlights More Programming That […]