Funny or Die Launches a New iPad App Publication for Cash Money

Funny or Die’s making a move into iPad content like many other comedy creators - but this app will represent a distinct publication, a “digital magazine” called The Occasional (see the cover of the first issue below). A “satire of the magazine format itself,” the publication will cost $1.99 per bimonthly issue, or $9.99 a year. And while it’s produced by the same people who make Funny or Die’s videos, The Occasional will take advantage of its digital format with features like interactive Marc Maron-voiced games and projected Mitt Romney hair timelines.

Any prediction on the outcome of Funny or Die’s experiment? On one hand, ten bucks is a small price for at least 24 issues of quality entertainment. If the Louis C.K.’s recent album self-release taught us anything, it’s that people will pay for access to comedy they value. But on the other hand, is any price too high for the kind of videos and articles (often from the very same comedians who’ll be contributing to the magazine) the Internet provides for free every day?

Funny or Die Launches a New iPad App Publication for […]