Play ‘Spot the Difference’ With The Hunger Games!

Yesterday, we made the case that The Hunger Games is more than just another mopey book for kids…and Vulture still stands by that assertion! And yet, since The Hunger Games is, technically, a young adult novel, and also because we are all young at heart, Vulture asked paper-doll guru Kyle Hilton to find the fun side of the dystopian kid-killing novels. Below is his Highlights-style Spot The Difference game, the perfect time-waster for your next doctor’s appointment or office cubicle sad-lunch. The rules have not changed since elementary school: Simply find the eleven small changes between the second Hunger Games illustration and the original. Some of the changes are small, and there’s an answer key if you get stuck, but remember: In this particular case, the odds are very much in your favor. Good luck!

Play ‘Spot the Difference’