Up All Night Recap: ‘Baby Fever’

Warning Signs of Baby Fever

- distracting obsession with baby head smell

- leaving tiny socks around the house

- exploiting child actors into a music video for “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

Note that a rare but dangerous side effect is fedora use.

An Excerpt from the Little Pals Mentors Guide

You can be a good pal by remembering to always be “CDC.” That’s:

1. Condescending (e.g. explain what a GPS is)

2. Dramatic (always assume bulimia)

3. Competitive (with Luke and Javier’s dumb beach walks)

The Ten Best Things About this Episode:

10. “Your insecurity belies your Michael Phelpsian upper body.”

9. Yvonne’s double power play with her “big power cloud” of a jacket.

8. Reagan’s Cheez-It explosion.

7. Will Arnett saying, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

6. The show’s avoided the expected conflict of Yvonne coming between Ava and Reagan (so far, at least).

5. Ava’s gratuitously long rant predicting where the girl bullies are going to end up in the future. “Pill problem, pill problem, pill problem, mystery STD.”

4. Drunk Reagan. “I’m gonna mixologist you a drink. Who’s excited?”

3. Ava’s journey felt really believable. She learned that to be a true pal, she had to look like an idiot herself by inviting text-bullying from bitchy middle school girls.

2. The complete lack of Missy. OH WAIT that’s actually the worst thing of the episode/all time.

1. The tag. It’s so fun to watch this couple goof around naturally, who needs a plot?

Up All Night Recap: ‘Baby Fever’