Which Talk-Show Host Has the Poorest Fans, and Thirteen Other Unexpected Late-Night Ratings Facts

Last fall, Vulture dug deep into the Nielsen ratings to uncover a couple dozen unexpected factoids about the Way We Watch TV Now. Today, we decided to slip on our Sherlock caps and investigate what’s going on in the world of late-night TV, and we’re not just talking the tiresome battle between Dave and Jay. We hopped all around the dial to figure out what folks seek out around the midnight hour. A few caveats: Most of our data is based on what TV types call “most current live plus seven” ratings, which translates into any viewership which takes place within a week of broadcast blended with overnight ratings if DVR data isn’t yet available (there’s a lag of a couple of weeks). We looked at Nielsen numbers from the start of the season through late February, and we didn’t count repeat telecasts. Okay, now that the boring stuff is out of the way: Slip on your comfiest pair of pajamas, grab a Colortini, and let’s start this ratings slumber party.

Late Night Ratings Roundup: Who Has the Poorest Fans and More Fun Facts