Shit The Creators of ‘Shit Girls Say’ Say: ‘OMG, we have a book deal!’

Remember all the way back in January, when your younger sister said shit like, “Did you see this video? It’s just like how my friends and I talk?” And your Dad said shit like, “Did you see the thing on the computer, where that fella says things like you and your sister?” And your grandmother said shit like, “What is that robot doing flashing lights and cussing at me!?” And you explained to all of them, how it was based on a Twitter account that your friend from college, whom you don’t really talk to anymore, likes to Retweet and they each understood you to varying degrees and maybe went out to film their own versions of the meme? Well, it’s becoming a book. It’s coming out this Fall and “will feature full-color images that capture the hilarious essence of everyday phrases used by women.” Seriously, over/under 80% of its sales coming from Urban Outfitters?

Shit The Creators of ‘Shit Girls Say’ Say: ‘OMG, we […]