A Controversial Week in Comedy

- Jim Gaffigan self-released his comedy special online for $5.

- Daniel Tosh has started a disgusting, awful YouTube trend that needs to be stopped.

- Ricky Gervais took some heat about Derek and wasn’t too happy about it.

- The Office might reboot itself in the wake of cast uncertainty.

- We talked to Chris Elliott about Eagleheart and being generally the best.

- We determined that The State is the Wu-Tang Clan of Comedy.

- We talked to Animal House producer Matt Simmons about his new book.

- We looked back at Will Ferrell’s legendary SNL career.

- We examined Korea’s Saturday Night Live.

- We walked through the Three Stooges long journey to the big screen.

- We shined a light on the forgotten fifth Stooge.

- We pitted Frank Reynolds against George Bluth, Sr. in a worst dad contest.

- We looked at the comedy innovation of Michael Nesmith.

- We doubled dared you to read about the important history of Double Dare.

- We settled the debate of who was funnier cats or dogs (CATS!).

- We found the 30 Best Videos of Reggie Watts Being Awesome.

- We reviewed the supremely weird Frankie Go Boom.

- We felt the awkward honesty of Girls.

- We then counted 24 thinkpieces about Girls.

- We doubled dared you to read about the important history of Double Dare.

- We welcomed the new gladiators to the coliseum.

- We loved the creepy love of Ted and Gracie.

- We reflected on the brilliance of Kurt Vonnegut on the 5-year anniversary of his death.

- We combed the archives and remembered the Ben Stiller Show.

- We watched Stand Up Stood Out.

And now, as per usual, your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

Sean Bean Returns for Game of Thrones Season 2!

“Yes or No Game Show (with Regis Philbin)”

Boo Ya Pictures - “The Big Boobie Heist”

Julie Klausner in a deleted scene from It’s Complicated

Garfunkel & Oates - “My Apartment’s Really Clean Without You”

A Controversial Week in Comedy