A Pranked Week in Comedy

- All ten new Arrested Development episodes will premiere on Netflix at the same time.

- SNL Headwriter Seth Meyers announced The Awesomes is coming to Hulu and Alone for the Holidays is coming to Christmastime movie theaters.

- A mysterious “Mr. Peepers” script was found in California and then the writer was revealed.

- We scoured the vaults and looked at Peter Sellers local TV work.

- We listed the complete Dan Harmon Channel 101 Canon.

- We spoke to Timothy Simons about starring in Veep.

- We talked to Scott Jacobson about the brilliant program for The Daily Show’s Ten-Year Anniversary Concert.

- We looked back at Nancy Walls time at SNL.

- We examined how Orson Welles became so damn funny.

- We determined which Adam Scott character was better at working.

- We heard more stories from the Everything is Terrible tour.

- We defended the potential Office reboot.

- We revisited the perfect misanthropy of The Foot Fist Way.

- We took one last look at Eastbound and Down.

- We got out of control remembering Out of Control.

- We justified the comedy of Justified.

- We checked out Rainn Wilson’s lost roles.

- We accepted that maybe people just don’t like Community.

- We watched the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.

- We remembered that old scamp Archimedes.

- We watch the new The Three Stooges movie so you didn’t have to.

And now, without further ado, your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

Rejected Pitches: “The Shining”

Abraham Riesman: “The Finer Points of David Rees, Artisanal Pencil Sharpener”

FunnyorDie: “Wishbone Reboot”

Jest: “Kit Kat Attack Ad”

Very Mary-Kate: “Slumber Party”

A Pranked Week in Comedy