A Smiling Bill Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 a ‘Possibility’

Check out a brief interview Bill Murray did with Chicago’s WGN, in which he talks mostly about the Cubs and the toll-free voicemail service he uses instead of getting an agent. His unorthodox career strategy has been widely known for a while but it’s fun to see him discuss it like a teenager who’s getting one over on his parents. When the interviewer asks how many messages he usually gets, he responds smirking, “Oh, I don’t know. See you’d have to answer it everyday.” This explains why he’s been the subject of not one but two “Lost Roles” columns. In the clip he also calls Ghostbusters 3 a “possibility,” which is a significant improvement over his incessant bummer-inducing no’s. Come on Billy, bust some ghosts for the kids, pweeeeaaassssse.

A Smiling Bill Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 a […]