Adam McKay Likely to Direct Will Smith and Denzel Washington in Uptown Saturday Night Remake; Jay Pharoah is Pumped

Can we talk a second about The Coz’s beard in that trailer? Yowzers! That’s all. Anyway, Adam McKay is signing on to direct a remake of the 1974 Bill Cosby/Sidney Poitier classic, Uptown Saturday Night. Will Smith has owned the rights to the remake for nearly a decade and has been talking about Denzel as a co-star for years. McKay is a very gifted comedic director so anytime he signs onto a picture it’s exciting, especially considering this will be his first film without Will Farrell. The film is set to shoot after Anchorman 2 does in early 2013 so it’s hard to say for sure when it will actually be released. But here’s hoping Jay Pharoah is still on SNL at that time, because if so, he’s going to be SO ready to parody the hell out of it. Expect the movie to sound a lot like this:

Adam McKay Likely to Direct Will Smith and Denzel […]