Another Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon Voicemail Leaks to the Internet

Oh, Jesus. Here’s a newly leaked voicemail from Chevy Chase to Community creator Dan Harmon in which he goes on at length about how the show sucks and can only be saved by them leaving in all of his hilarious on-set ad libs. At least I think it’s a voicemail — at one point you can hear Harmon sort-of respond to Chevy, but he isn’t acknowledged. It’s not clear if this is another part of a voicemail played by Harmon at the Harmontown show in LA or if it’s something different entirely. It is over a year old, however, so it’s clear that there’s been tension between the two for some time now.

In any case, after wondering for so long just how to get people talking about Community, it appears that boosters of the show had been looking at things all wrong. All the show needed to get in the news was an awkward public fight! Just wait until the cellphone video of Leonard and Starburns arguing at craft services surfaces. It’ll be a ratings bonanza.

Another Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon Voicemail Leaks to the […]