Best Friends Forever Recap: ‘Single and Lovin’ It’

Did you read the interview we posted with Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair yesterday? (If so, thanks. If not, you totes should, considering that you’re reading this recap.) Well, last night’s episode represented exactly what they want the show to be if it gets picked up for another season – character-rooted high jinks.

Structurally, without the burden of series basics exposition, the episode was very different than the previous three. There was, for the first time in the series, a fully formed A story and B story (as well a little C story). In addition, the main story was broken down into two pretty discreet parts, instead of one main arc. It’s interesting, this episode told many more stories but actually felt less rushed than the previous few. Jessica and Lennon admittedly were new to the whole writing a television show thing so understandably it took some time for it all to settle in but now that it finally has, the show is more fun than ever.

The main story, as the title “Single and Lovin’ It” suggests, is about the newly single Jess entering the dating world.  It all starts with a cold open very much in the same vein as the previous ones. Instead of an Office-style non-equator, their goal is to introduce a conflict that sets the episode in motion. That conflict comes directly from the home of much of the world’s conflicts, Facebook, and pictures of Jess’s ex-husband doing bathing suit stuff with Short Bangs. (This should be warning to you, girls with short bangs, everyone calls you Short Bangs behind your stupid back. Grow some normal-sized bangs.) And she’s off, ready to tell Facebook she is in fact single and, once Joe figures out how to include it, “lovin’ it.”

Keith Kazakian (played by Party Down’s Ryan Hansen) was very happy to hear about the status change and Jess is very happy to hear he was happy. She is so happy she needs to tell Lenn immediately. However, Lenn and especially Joe are less happy as they were about to go down to Chinatown (Timeout. Is this an expression that has ever been used or did I make it up? Time-in.) for the first time in a long time, when Jess bursts in. Jess nearly sits on Joe’s junk before she gets the encouragement she needs to ask Jeff out (he says yes!). The conflict between Jess’s flailing love life and Joe and Lenn’s desire to bone, effectively moves the story along.

With “help” from Queenetta, Jess is ready to take Keith “Meaty Calves” Kazakian down – to where, you say? – Chinatown! (It’s a thing now). Things are going real well at first, with ol’ Meat Calves admitting he had the biggest crush on her in high school (too bad, at the time, she was dating Eric Wompler – womp it up, podcast fans).  Of course, Lenn and Joe are listening in so when Meaty Calves heads to the “gentleman’s lounge,” they establish everything is cool so they can hang up the phone and start trying to have sex. MC is ready to start having sex as well because he needs to get home to his wife – womp womp :( . Remember how I italicized “trying” two sentences ago, well that’s because right when they are about to ruin the kitchen island, Jess walks in with her new clutch, overflowing with unused condoms – too many condoms.

Everyone is frustrated (Joe is double frustrated because not only is he sexless but his favorite gyro place bans him and Rav) so they head to Rav’s bar to turn around their luck. This doesn’t go super well, believe it or not; Jess is too eager to say “meat” over and over and everyone just hits on Lenn. Rav tells Jess to calm down and let things get weird, which is both good advice and exactly the type of advice someone like Rav would give his female best friend (that he probably has been in love with forever and ever).

Weird means going with a young gentleman that looks weirdly like Jason Bourne to a country estate in New Jersey. But it gets way weirder, once every straps on their pith helmets and there is a dancing man in a jungle cat outfit and there is a crown; it’s a Cougar Ball (not to be confused with the very dangerous sport, Cougarball, in which the players try to kick cougars into lacrosse goals). But Joe and Lenn are off to save the day, which is made clear by some classic Lennon screaming. However, before they get there, Jess accepts the weirdness of it all and plans on winning Queen Cougar.

Jess is dancing and smiling when Lenn runs in, still very much wearing her yelling cardigan – seriously, when her voice dropped like three octaves and she attacked the main frat douche by growling “what did you say to me,” it was the best thing. Good thing her yelling cardigan can transition into a dancing cardigan so everyone has fun – well accept that main douche, whom Rav arbitrarily punches in a face. Then more dancing. It’s a very BFF happy ending.

Speaking of “very BFF happy ending”, this BFF recap is ending, I’m very happy. It was great episode of sitcomery if not their best episode. Or maybe the next one is the best one or the last one is the best one – they are al the best ones. Seriously, guys, guys, guys, these episodes are my new best friends.

Best Friends Forever Recap: ‘Single and Lovin’ It’