‘Between Two Ferns’ More Like ‘Between Two Ferns and Before The Comedy Awards’

This morning, Scott Aukerman announced on his podcast, Comedy Bang! Bang!, that he recently directed a half-hour special, starring Zach Galifianakis, entitled Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York that will air right before The Comedy Awards, on May 6th. Guests will include Tina Fey, Sir Richard Branson, and Jon Stewart. Considering the super popular web series’ unique blend of awkward mean honesty here is my best guess of what each interview is going to be like:

Tina Fey: “Is hard for you to be around funny people? And by that, I mean men. You are kinda pretty for a “comedian” but how did you get that scar? How much money do you make?

Sir Richard Branson: “Are you gay and/or British? Do you think it would be weird if we kissed and our facial hair rubbed together? Can I have some of your money? “

Jon Stewart: “Jew.”

‘Between Two Ferns’ More Like ‘Between Two Ferns and […]