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Brian Williams Feels ‘Unmitigated Joy’ Watching Daughter’s Sex Scenes on Girls

Brian Williams attends the TIME 100 Gala
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Kevin Mazur

Brian Williams was on hand at the Time 100 Gala last night, fêting some of the “most powerful” people in the world. Williams has been a TV staple for ages, but his daughter Allison has a screen presence of her own now on HBO’s Girls. The younger Williams co-stars as Marnie, the most put-together of the clique, who this past week endured a sad, pathetic sex scene with her dopey, doting boyfriend. Not that her dad minded much.

What is it like watching Girls for you? Are you covering your eyes?
No, no. It’s kvelling, pride. It’s incredibly great. Her co-creator and I have known always that she was going to be an actress. So it’s fantastic.  

You’re fine with the awkward sex scenes?
Unmitigated joy.

I thought I read that she has to cover your eyes.
That was something someone made up in an article. There has not been a journalist with us in a room watching, that I know of. Other than myself. So no. Unmitigated joy.  

What about when she tells embarrassing stories about you on talk shows?
Oh my God, that was hysterical. On Dave [Letterman], the Dalmatian stuff? I just, I love it. I mean, are you kidding? Your girl is sitting there on that couch? And he was so sweet. He called me afterwards and said all kinds of nice things about her.  

Do you actually listen to the FDNY fire scanner and go chase down fires [as Allison said on the show]?
Oh yeah. Sure. It’s all true. I’ve got it on my iPhone. I’ve got apps. I can find out where any truck is going at any time.  

What do you do when you get to the scene?
Just kind of watch. It’s been many years since I was on the truck. I’m just into it. Yup. Everything she said was actually true.  

Have you heard of the Internet meme, Texts From Hillary?
Oh yes, I read them when they first came out.  

What text would you like to get from Hillary?
Oh God, I’m not going to walk into that at all. No, thank you. My lawyer is standing right here.

Brian Williams Unbothered by Girls’ Sex Scenes