See Our ‘Line’ of Cheesy Airbrushed Game of Thrones T-Shirts

Photo: Jon Defreest

Like all cult favorites, Game of Thrones has inspired a wave of knockoff T-shirts, imprinted with spare, modern designs and coy in-jokes guaranteed to make deserved true fans smile knowingly and confuse ignorant outsiders. But with the show’s ratings growing, it’s only a matter of time before Game of Thrones inspires the next, more populist wave of trademark-busting clothing: the ever-popular block-lettered, neon-pastel airbrushed tee. By this summer, we predict you’ll be able to visit your finest carnivals, boardwalks, and card tables set up outside of vans and walk away with a bright, 100-percent cotton symbol of your love for Westeros that you can see from space. We asked Jon Defreest to break out his spray cans and get the movement started with a few designs; we bet they’ll make you want to swap your black tuxedo-decal tee out for one of these stat.

See Our Line of Cheesy Game of Thrones T-Shirts