Colbert’s Super PAC Has Tons More Money Than Ron Paul’s Busted-Ass Super PAC

Further proof that politics are a joke and the punchline is always money: Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC has officially raised more money than the Super PAC backing Ron Paul, Take Endorse Liberty — potentially because the name of Paul’s Super PAC makes no fucking sense. Take Endorse Liberty? Does your libertarian hatred of laws extend to the laws of the English language? But whatever the reason, here are the numbers: Colbert’s Super PAC has $794,000 cash-on-hand and raised $44,000 in March, while Paul’s Super PAC has $54,000 on hand and raised a paltry $13,000 in March.

Which begs the question: who the hell is sending Ron Paul’s Super PAC money at this point? You guys do realize he doesn’t have a shot, right? Like, 0%. Your money is being used to keep the internet on in an office where the one dude running the Super PAC sits all day playing Snood. There are probably better ways to spend your money if you just don’t feel like hanging on to it. Like giving it to Stephen Colbert to make more funny commercials, for example. Just a suggestion! The wordplay in his Super PAC’s name (A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow) is intentional.

Colbert’s Super PAC Has Tons More Money Than Ron […]