Comedian Kevin Avery Presents Thugs, The Musical Not the Musical Thugs

While we’re talking about race in Hollywood, here is a funny trailer from comedian Kevin Avery. The mockumentary starring Avery, Margaret Cho, and David Alan Grier examines the nature of how race is portrayed on television and also what that means to the actors who play those parts, even when they are so far removed from that culture. Also, it has the very funny American comedian Baron Vaughn playing a British actor trying his best to do an effective American accent. Seriously, seriously, Americans playing British people trying to play American people is the best. Remember in Ocean’s 13 when Don Cheadle’s British character pretended to be the motorcycle stunt guy? Me too! (If not, it’s embedded below for no reason.) Anyway, the film premieres tomorrow night at the  Los Angeles Comedy Shorts festival and will then be at the New York No Limits film festival on May 2.

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Comedian Kevin Avery Presents Thugs, The Musical Not […]