Comedy Central Developing ‘Bad Advice From My Brother’ Blog Into a Show While Your Tumblr Stays Un-optioned

[The show] follows the adventures of two brothers: Jason, the older, not necessarily wiser brother who has spent most of his post-college life chasing women and the almighty dollar on Wall Street, and Ben, his younger brother who wants to follow in his footsteps. When Ben moves in, Jason sees this as an opportunity to reflect on his mistakes and steer Ben onto an opposite path. Unfortunately for Ben, Jason’s advice is usually bad and creates more problems than solutions.

The system works! Bad Advice From My Brother, a blog started by Jordan Pope Roush in 2010 with the intention of drumming up enough of an audience to turn it into a TV show, is being developed into a TV show by Comedy Central. Here’s the synopsis:The project was initially intended to be a pilot until Roush’s agents convinced him to do it as a blog first in order to hone his voice and drum up interest. And they were smart! They knew that if it was good it would inevitably end up as either a TV show or a poorly selling book at Urban Outfitters. Luckily, it looks like it may be the former, but I suppose there’s nothing stopping it from becoming the latter too.

Comedy Central Developing ‘Bad Advice From My Brother’ […]