Danny McBride and Todd Phillips Are Set to Remake the Twisted Danish Comedy Klovn

Danny McBride and Todd Phillips have just signed on to remake the popular Danish comedy Klovn (Clown in English). Klovn, which grossed over $12 million in the Scandinavian box office, was based on the TV show of the same name by Danish comedians Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, who will be producers on the remake. Laura Turner Garrison took an in-depth look at the Danish comedy scene, including Klovn, in December. Here’s what she had to say about the film:

The film Klovn picks up where the series left off, with the two man-boys planning a boys-only canoe trip that will end at a brothel. Casper labels the trip a “Tour de Pussy.” Things go slightly awry when Frank decides to kidnap his girlfriend’s young nephew to prove he has the chops to be a father. It should be noted he doesn’t actually want to be a father, he just wants to prove he could be. Sounds like Selfishness 101 from the book of Curb or Always Sunny.Critic Simon Howell reviewed the film at the Fantasia Film Festival, describing it as a “collusion of three recent strains of popular comedy.” Namely the embarrassment found in Curb, the manchild found in Apatow and the “debauched bro humor” of The Hangover. The Danish translation for the “debauched bro” is “drengerøv.” The word essentially means laddish, but really is used to refer to a grown man who does immature things. Sounds about right.

Sounds right in McBride and Phillips’ wheelhouses, eh? McBride is set to both write and star in the remake, and Phillips will produce and possibly direct, although that hasn’t been worked out yet. Check out the (nudity filled) trailer for the original above.

Danny McBride and Todd Phillips Are Set to Remake the […]