David Letterman LOVES Parks & Recreation – Join the Club

(This picture is from the Time 100 Gala, where Amy “accidentally” photobombing Hilary Clinton and Louis C.K.)

Last night, Amy Poehler was on Letterman and he used that opportunity to gush about Parks & Recreation like he was stepping on bag of Gushers. (You can see the clip here.) He explains, “It’s very funny – very consistently funny. The cast is unequaled on television.” I know right, Dave? Seriously though,it was a really nice little moment and Amy is obviously touched. For all the show’s female comedian issues earlier in the year, it’s hard to argue that when Letterman himself finds a woman comedian funny, like Amy or Tina Fey, he tends to be effusively deferential. Less effusively deferential and more obsessively protective is Amy three-year old son, whom she also talked about on the show:

David Letterman LOVES Parks & Recreation – Join the […]