Dazzlin’ Tony Danza Set to Make His Return to Television

Danza! In the immortal words of Ladies Love Cool James, “Don’t call it a comeback, Danza’s been here for years, but now he’s going to be more here because he’s set to star in a new, Vince Vaughn produced television show that is soon to be picked up by ABC ” (More like Ladies Love Cool Albeit Overly Verbose James, amirite? Noiamnot). The multi-camera sitcom, currently operating under the working title The Guys, is about three old friends (old as in their age and length of time they’ve been friends) who decide to move in together into a bachelor pad near their respective families. In addition, it was recently announced that he’ll play Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s dad in the young actor’s directorial debut. Also, he is working on a new reality contest, Danza-ing with the Stars, in which stars compete for who is best at hanging out with Tony Danza. Lastly, he is legally changing his name to Danzag so he can become the new lead singer of The Misfits. These are totally all true facts. Who’s the boss now, Angela?

Dazzlin’ Tony Danza Set to Make His Return to […]