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Director Still Attached to Hunger Games Sequel, for Now

Director Gary Ross
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Yesterday’s reports that director Gary Ross wouldn’t be directing the Hunger Games sequel might have been a bit premature. Multiple sources have told Deadline that the director, who’s currently vacationing with his family and couldn’t be reached for comment, has not yet officially withdrawn from Catching Fire and any reports to the contrary are “simply not accurate.” Most of the rumors surrounding Ross’s departure revolved around a squabble over money, but the aforementioned sources say it’s unlikely that the director would walk away from the biggest success of his directing career for that reason. In addition, while he was reportedly unable to help write the sequel’s script with series’ author Suzanne Collins as originally planned — post- production on the first film proved to be more hectic than anticipated — Ross is said to be extremely attached to the project and those involved with it.

Director Still Attached to Hunger Games 2