East Coast/West Coast Beef Reignited by Slight Differences in the 30 Rock Live Shows

Last night’s 30 Rock was great. Right? Right. Remember last year’s episode, which was fun and an interesting idea but not really a good 30 Rock episode? This wasn’t that. Last night’s was so sharp, so funny, so unbelievably quick. It was a tribute to live television explicitly but even more so implicitly, by just showing how dynamic it can be. I found myself rooting for the actors and crew, nervously excited to see if they were going to be able to pull it off. It was special.

Like last year, there were slight differences between the two broadcasts but unlike last year, it seems to matter less, as just the quality of the show itself is so noteworthy. Above, The Morning After compared the two (and Vulture fills in some of the blanks, here) so you don’t have to watch both but you should watch both or at least watch one of them twice, because the episode was that good.  Who won East Coast or West Coast? Do you think they wrote in time for Jimmy Fallon to “accidentally” break? What did you think of the episode?

East Coast/West Coast Beef Reignited by Slight […]