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The Fug Girls Chart Zooey Deschanel’s Adorkability Evolution

118657254WH081_2011_BAFTA_B Photo: Todd Williamson/2011 Todd Williamson

In just one short TV season, New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel has gone from a ukulele-strumming indie princess — of rock and film — to an omnipresent poster child for a new yet immediately overused word: adorkability. But beneath that grating made-up mash-up term lurks pretty clever branding for the hipster twirlyness that’s become Deschanel’s signature style, onscreen and off. The startling similarities between Deschanel and her alter ego Jess Day — you get the sense that both of them would, in a cartoon, have a menagerie of helpful and occasionally harmonizing animal friends — raise the question: Is this for real? Did Deschanel emerge from the womb in funky specs and a vintage-print swaddler, or has New Girl blown up her aesthetic to a proportion that exceeds even Zooey herself? Join us as we trace her red-carpet evolution, rating each look’s Adorkability Factor on a scale of 0 (anti-cutesy) to 10 (practically self-parody).

Fug Girls on Zooey Deschanel’s Fashion Evolution