Funny or Die’s ‘Drunk History’ Is Potentially Coming to Comedy Central

Comedy Central has ordered up a presentation on Funny or Die’s “Drunk History” series, which is the first step towards ordering up a pilot and then, eventually, a series. But unlike most presentation orders, this one has Will Ferrell and Adam McKay behind it, which gives it far better odds than orders doled out to unknowns. Called Drunk History Across America, it sounds like it’ll combine the premise of the web videos we know and love (drunk narrators sloppily retelling history, with famous people reenacting it) with more of a travel show-like element. Deadline reports that it’ll also feature “interviews with the city’s locals who will drunkenly narrate local and personal history which, too, will be re-enacted by guest actors.” Drunk History and Also Drunk Hotspots Around Denver? Sure, I’m in.

Funny or Die’s ‘Drunk History’ Is Potentially Coming […]