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Ghostface Killah Knows His Game Show Theme Songs

Photo-Illustration for Ghostface Killah’s call for an intern Photo: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images (Ghostface), U.S. Dept. of Defense, Painted by J.M Flagg/Staff or Contracted

Hip Hop Squares, the hip-hop Hollywood Squares real thing that is actually happening, has started filming, and so far so good, reports the Times. Once Ghostface Killah was onboard, plenty of other people wanted to be on the show, too. But Ghostface has bigger concerns: The show needs a theme song.

“They should have some real nice music” for the theme song, he said. “Like when you hear ‘Pyramid’” — he sang the theme song for “$20,000 Pyramid.” “You know what I mean? Everybody knows ‘The Price is Right.’” He sang that one. “What is this one going to be? Something that’s” vehemently — he used a different word — “unique.”

How could you leave out Jeopardy!, Ghostface? 

Ghostface Killah Knows His Game Show Theme Songs