Hey Elderly Readers, Tina Fey and Nancy Meyers Are Looking for an Intern

Are you old? Do you love discussing affairs while not eating pie? If so, you might be perfect for the new Nancy Meyers joint. It was announced today that the queen of older folks movies has tapped Tina Fey to play the lead in her film about the relationship between the founder of a fashion Internet company and her intern. Don’t worry, this isn’t just going to be a sequel to The Proposal, as that dashing young intern is being described as an “over-70 widower who is bored with retirement.” May-December fetishist be damn, Meyers describes the love as purely platonic; something Fey has plenty of practice at from playing Liz Lemon for all these years. They already have an actor in mind for the role but that doesn’t mean we can’t play a rousing game of, “What old dude do you want to watch Tina Fey hang out with for 90 minutes? And what would their friendship nickname be?” Here are some suggestions:

Steve Martin – Stena Fartin

Dustin Hoffman – Tustin

Rip Torn – Tip

Jeffrey Tambor - Feybor

Morgan Freeman – Morna Feyman

Robert Redford – Feyford

Jack Nicholson – Tack Ficholson

Al Pacino – Feycino

James Earl Jones – Tames Earl Fones

Alan Alda – Alina

Alan Arkin – Alina 2

Ed Asner – Feysner

Hey Elderly Readers, Tina Fey and Nancy Meyers Are […]