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Hick Trailer: Chloë Moretz and Blake Lively Have Southern-Fried Shenanigans

If you thought Chloë Moretz engaged in some questionable shenanigans as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass … well, just prepare yourself for Hick, where the barely teenage Moretz packs a gun, flirts with way-older drifter Eddie Redmayne, and pals around with coke-snorting bad influence Blake Lively. When the southern-fried road trip movie premiered back in Toronto, critic James Rocchi called it “a) potential [Moretz] career-killer and b) a manifestly unclean film,” and while the first prediction doesn’t seem to have come true (Moretz just landed the lead in the Carrie remake, after all), the new trailer for Hick seems to eagerly play into the latter observation, touting its most controversial elements and queasy sexuality. So, perfect for date night?

Hick Trailer with Chloë Moretz and Blake Lively