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Hunger Games’ Box Office Reign Finally Comes to an End

Think Like a Man
Think Like a Man Photo: Alan Markfield/Screen Gems

With $357 million (and counting, obviously) to its name, The Hunger Games has fallen from its spot at the top of the domestic box office, which it managed to maintain for four weeks. It brought in a mere $14.5 million this weekend — less than half as much as Think Like a Man, Screen Gems’ film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s wildly popular self-help book. Observers have been quick to call the movie’s $33 million haul a surprise — indeed, the number is twice that predicted by studio executives — but let’s not forget how well it did with test audiences prior to its release. (It’s poised to become an even bigger hit next week, considering it opened at only 2,017 locations.) Zac Efron vehicle The Lucky One also had a stronger-than-expected opening, grabbing second place with $22.8 million. Hunger Games made do with third, followed by Chimpanzee ($10.2 million), and The Three Stooges ($9.2 million.) 

Think Like a Man Beats Hunger Games