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What If the Summer Movie Casts Were High School Cliques?

Photo: Kyle Hilton

Ensemble casts are all the rage this summer movie season, and there’s a good reason that Hollywood has embraced the multi-star movie: A-listers get to work a reduced shooting schedule, and there’s room for more of them! But since this year’s big ensemble films are so eclectic — you’ve got the pyrotechnics of The Avengers and The Expendables, the quirk of Moonrise Kingdom and To Rome With Love, and the fake-bellied actresses of What to Expect When You’re Expecting — Vulture couldn’t help but wonder where all these starry cliques would sit if the high school cafeteria that is Hollywood was made literal. Click through, then, for Kyle Hilton’s illustrated take on summer 2012’s jocks, nerds, and burnouts.

Imagining the Summer Movie Casts As Teen Cliques