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The Inspiration for ‘Blue Ivy,’ and Other Things We Learned From Beyoncé’s Tumblr

This morning, after 24 hours of frenzied password guessing and general hysteria, a very special and potentially Internet-changing website made itself available to the world. Beyoncé’s Tumblr is here! And it is filled with family photographs, anecdotes, videos, and other extremely valuable Bey-related information for the public’s education. Here’s what we’ve learned so far!

“Blue Ivy,” the first child of Beyoncé and one Jay-Z, takes her name from … actual blue ivy?
Or we would have to assume that the tree in the below video at least played a major part in the naming of the world’s most famous child. Money quote: “I think it’s Blue Ivy, which would be quite appropriate.” Maybe it was on the Baby Name short list, and then the tree sealed the deal? How much blue ivy is there in the world, anyway?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z like to talk about art.
We are guessing Hov had something to do with this thank-you note to Basquiat.

The appropriate term for Bey-related news is pollen.
That is according to this glossary in the “Beyhive,” which is Beyoncé’s new community for her “beys” (fans). She also breaks down the type of Bey you can be: Honey Bey (“calm, drama-free”), Bumble Bey (“Happy-go-lucky, but with an edge”), or Digger Bey (“hard-working, wise”). God willing, there will be a personality quiz soon.

Beyoncé is on Instagram.
Or whatever Polaroid-y app took this picture of her boarding a private jet.

Beyoncé’s favorite game is Connect Four.
About halfway down, there’s a video of Bey on a plane.  Watch it. It’s perfect.

Beyoncé really likes snorkeling.
Like, a lot. There are so many snorkeling photos over there.

Melon is an appropriate thing to serve Beyoncé if she ever comes to your house.

Photo: Beyonce Tumblr

Now you know.

The Inspiration for ‘Blue Ivy,’ and Other Things We Learned From Beyoncé’s Tumblr