Jason Segel Talks Rom-Coms and Hating Science with NPR

This weekend, on NPR’s Morning Edition, human hug-machine Jason Segel sat down to talk about Five-Year Engagement with the perfectly NPR-voiced Rachel Martin and impressively stepped up his earnest discussion game. Spot on is his commentary on romantic comedies, the genre he is best known for:

“The movies that I love and model after — like Annie HallWhen Harry Met Sally, and, in particular for me, Broadcast News — [have] the tone of life, which isn’t a set-up/punch line every two minutes. I think you get bored of that movie.”

Continuing on Broadcast News:

“You didn’t know if you wanted [Holly Hunter] to end up with Albert Brooks or with William Hurt or either…Whereas romantic comedies today have been overly simplified — ‘She’s a scientist! He hates science! What will happen?’”

Hahahahahaha, totally, Jason. Ok, but seriously though, all jokes aside, what will happen? Will she abandon science or will he embrace it? Find out next summer, in Nora Ephron’s She Blinded Me with Science Love (Also, the female lead is blind)

Jason Segel Talks Rom-Coms and Hating Science with NPR