Joel McHale Thinks Chevy Is Coming Back, Which Is Good Enough For Us

There is a lot of art imitating life in Community, as the characters are very much a representation of Dan Harmon and of their actor’s iconography. That’s why it’s fun to see that Joel McHale is the real life leader of the study group that is the show. Sure, Dan Harmon is in charge of running the show and all, but it’s McHale’s job to maintain show normalcy. At NBC’s summer press event, McHale calmly and confidently tried to relieve the troubling, bubbling tension that is Chevy Chase: “He obviously wasn’t very happy. But he loves the cast, my guess is he’ll be back if we’re back… I’m assuming so if he gets the Bentley that he asked for.” Change the word cast for study group and that literally could be a line from the show. Now for the classic Winger smirking zinger: “There’s four more voice mails coming out that will make it a full series…It’s going to be a book on tape. It’s going to be read out loud by Samuel L. Jackson.” Zing zinged, pop culture reference referenced; now Britta (or Gillian Jacobs) needs to do something that is the worst and Yvette Nicole Brown (or Shirley) needs say, “that’s niiiiice,” and we can wrap up the episode. Cool? Cool cool cool.

Joel McHale Thinks Chevy Is Coming Back, Which Is Good […]