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Last Night on Late Night: John Cusack and Jimmy Kimmel Took Shots of Purell

Last night on late night, in which President Obama slow-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon, John Cusack and Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the actor’s induction onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the new liquor of choice for teenagers: hand sanitizer. Plus: David Letterman melted into an absolute fan boy over Parks and Recreation to a stunned and flattered Amy Poehler; Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg didn’t tread so lightly in his account of impersonating Stephen Hawking in front of Stephen Hawking — “I didn’t want him to stand up and beat me”; and a second consecutive guest — this time, Jack Black — surprised Jay Leno with his entrance. Watch our compilation to see what you missed. 

John Cusack, Jimmy Kimmel Took Shots of Purell