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An Underdressed Judd Apatow Was Right to Fear Graydon Carter

Celebrity guests arrive for the Annual Tribeca Film Festival/Vanity Fair Party, held at the State Supreme Court in NYC. - Judd Apatow
Judd Apatow in the offending outfit. Photo: Johns PKI / Splash News

When we ran into Judd Apatow at Vanity Fair’s party for the Tribeca Film Festival, the filmmaker fretted that he was far too underdressed. “I thought this was like a film festival, where you don’t dress up!” he said to us. “I gotta go in there and talk to Graydon Carter in jeans?” It turns out, Apatow’s fears were justified, as we discovered later at the party while chatting up Vanity Fair head honcho Carter. “Did you see Judd Apatow?” the impeccably styled Carter asked us. “He’s here. Underdressed, as usual.” What would Carter do about the situation? “Tolerate it. What else?” We tried to explain on Apatow’s behalf that he didn’t realize there was a dress code, but Carter wasn’t having it. “Yeah, that’s what he said,” sniffed Carter. “That’s formal wear in Southern California, you know. He does have a suit. I’ve seen him in a tuxedo. He is capable of looking better. I mean, if this was in California, that would be acceptable, dressing like an eight year old.” Burn? Burn.

Judd Apatow Was Right to Fear Graydon Carter