Justin Bieber’s Rumored Album Guests: Drake, That Paternity Suit …

Here is the latest on Justin Bieber’s upcoming album, according to a flurry of weirdly sourced reports from the British journalists who got to hear Believe last night: Drake will, as promised, make an appearance (though this listening report notes that the Hit-Boy produced track, “Right Here,” did not yet in fact include the Drake verse. Don’t you dare back out now, Drake!). Meanwhile, Justin has not yet decided on a final track list, but he did tell the assembled reporters that he wrote a song about that whole paternity suit fiasco. “I wrote a song about Mariah [Yeater], a song about my Mom … lots of different stories and experiences.” We’re doubtful that Justin Bieber’s lawyers will actually allow the song to go on the album, but Lord, just imagine that video. Instant, “Cry Me a River“–level classic.

Justin Bieber’s Paternity Suit Might Get a Song