Kanye and Jay-Z Are Soundtracking French Campaign Ads Now

Truth time: Vulture is not exactly up on French presidential politics, so thanks to Pitchfork and Slate for directing our attention to this bit of video weirdness. It turns out that Francois Hollande, a French Socialist candidate challenging current resident Nicolas Sarkozy (you know, the one married to Carla Bruni) has released a campaign video using Watch the Throne’s geographically appropriate “N*ggas in Paris” as its soundtrack. The video shows Hollande campaigning in the outer boroughs of Paris as citizens of various races happily hold up their voting cards; Pitchfork notes that Sarkozy has a complicated history with the poor Parisian suburbs, and that “Hollande is possibly trying to underscore that relationship.” Whether or not “Paris” is the wisest way to make that point is a different question, but Slate realized that “Creil,” the town featured prominently in the video, is pronounced “cray,” (as in, “That shit cray”) and puns are fun. One more thing: Do Kanye and Jay actually know about this? Is ‘Ye gonna hit the campaign trail now? Discuss.

Kanye and Jay Soundtracking a French Campaign Ad