Kelly Oxford Sells Script; Is Very Successful Outside of Twitter

In honor of Twittererer/writer Kelly Oxford selling a film script to Warner Bros, I’m going to try to write this entire post in 140 charact DAMN! Well, that was impossible. The film is called Son of a Bitch and as she puts it, is about a “young stoner who tries to maintain her popular party image even after discovering she’s pregnant.” I hope that means she does all these drugs and the film ends with her popping out some mutant baby that has super strength and laser eyes but is like a good guy, you know, and he saves the hospital from being blown up by The Joker, again, and then he is given the key to the city and then it fades to black and then the title card goes, “This was a prequel to The Avengers, see you next time.” Even if that doesn’t happen, which is still might, the film is supposed to be an R-rated, raucous, female-lead comedy and is being compared to Bridesmaids because Hollywood is lazy at comparing things. This comes only a few months after she sold her second TV show and months before her book comes out, so maybe people should stop referring to her as just that stay-at-home mom who writes those funny tweets sometimes.

Kelly Oxford Sells Script; Is Very Successful Outside […]