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Learn More About Joss Whedon’s Secret Much Ado About Nothing Film

AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 10: Producer/Director/Writer Joss Whedon speaks at the
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Fran Kranz, actor in both Dollhouse and the Joss Whedon–penned The Cabin in the Woods, has broken the radio silence on Whedon’s super-secret Much Ado About Nothing adaptation. Facts gleaned: Whedon, often a host of dramatic readings, told some friends he’d like to try filming a Shakespeare reading of while “on vacation.” “That struck me as doing something handheld, with a Flipcam or something. Not something big with grip trucks, all of this equipment and stuff. But that’s what it turned into,” Kranz tells ComingSoon. “He turned his home into a movie set. He had extras and all of that. We had no idea. But I think that’s what he wanted. He wanted us to go into it with a casual feel and to do Shakespeare like you’re not used to seeing. He didn’t want big production value or it to be over-rehearsed. … It might be a bizarre benefit to it that we didn’t master the language.” The film will star past Whedon co-conspirators Nathan Fillion, Reed Diamond, Clark Gregg, and Alexis Denisof, and, if SlashFilm’s word is correct, could hit festivals in 2012.

Learn More About Joss Whedon’s Secret Shakespeare Film