Maybe We Should Table Talking About ‘Bridesmaids 2: Bridermaids’ For Awhile

Speaking of Bridesmaids at the Comedy Awards, Wendi McLendon-Covey was in attendance and Laughspin asked her about the possibility of a sequel without Kristen Wiig. To which she responded, “No. It has to be Kristen…No one has the time to write it, but I know we’d all be on board if someone wrote it and if it was good. Kristen will be busy for the rest of her natural life, and we’ve all been pretty busy.” This comes after basically everyone involved has said the same thing and touches on a much bigger point, Bridesmaids was undoubtedly a big movie but it doesn’t have to be the only big movie these people do. It all goes back to the “Can you believe women are funny!?” hype that surrounded the film’s release. All these women are super talented and super funny, Bridesmaids was not a special circumstance, they’ll all star in tons of non-gender specific hilarious things for the foreseeable future. That being said, OMG, how great would a Bridesmaids sequel be!?

Maybe We Should Table Talking About ‘Bridesmaids 2: […]