NBC Schedules the Final Three ‘Community’ Episodes of the Season on One Night

8:00 Community — “The First Chang Dynasty”8:30 30 Rock season finale9:00 Community — “Introduction to Finality”9:30 Community — “Digital Estate Planning” (season finale)

Community was already set to have a two-episode season finale scheduled back-to-back, but now NBC has gone and shoved a third episode on the same Thursday — May 17th. The somewhat awkward schedule is as follows:While shoving multiple episodes of the same show into one night is usually a sign of a network looking to burn off episodes of an unwanted show, it doesn’t appear to be the case here. Instead, NBC is pushing all of the new Community episodes into prime sweeps territory in May. Originally, Awake was supposed to have a double-episode night on the 17th, starting at 9pm, but apparently it’s doing so poorly that NBC would rather have Community get those eyeballs. Hell, I’ll take it. Also: what to make of those final two episode titles? Could there be more deaths in store for Greendale?

NBC Schedules the Final Three ‘Community’ Episodes of […]