Guess What Happens When Four Attractive All-American College Kids Take an ‘Extreme Tourism’ Trip to Explore Chernobyl

New horror movie Chernobyl Diaries (yes, really), out next month, sees a quartet of pretty but clearly not-so-bright young things sign up for a day-trip to visit Pripyat, the Ukrainian town abandoned in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Does their visit proceed with:

(a) A lighthearted afternoon’s frolics, filled with lots of twee staged “look at me amid these dystopic ruins” photos for the tourists’ Facebook albums.
(b) Haunting nuclear apocalypse-themed musical numbers for star Jesse McCartney.
(c)  An hour or so’s screen-time worth of slow and painful radiation poisoning.
(d) Homicidal Hills Have Eyes-esque mutants — but with ropy Eastern European accents.
(e) All of the above… except probably not (b).

Not sure? Here’s the film’s trailer to help you out:

New Horror Movie Chernobyl Diaries Trailer Clip