President Obama Jams the News Slowly on Fallon

The thing about Stafford student loans is that they’re realllllll sexxxy so you can’t just talk about them. You need to quietly, breathily coo their benefits into the ears of the public. Like if the rates do go up, you’ll be all like, “Hey baby, did you wash those fine pants in Windex? Because I can see that you can’t afford detergent now that you have a lot of student loan debt. Also, I can myself in them.” President Barack Obama did just that, last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by Slow Jammin’ the News (seen above). Also, below are all the clips from the interview. Each one starts with some light banter before Fallon sets Obama-rama up to talk about the issues mostly interrupted. It’s like when a standup is on a late night show and the host just queues them up do their planned routine.

President talks about Key & Peele:

Presidential mess ups:

President talks about going to college:

President talks about investing in education:

President talks about the Secret Service scandal:

President answers questions from Twitter:

President Obama Jams the News Slowly on Fallon