Read this Interview with the Queens of Comedy and then Take a Shower

Jezebel has an interview with the Queens of Comedy that was originally conducted in 2001 and is finally being published in The Lowbrow Reader Reader, and it’s nuts. Writer Margeaux Rawsom was supposed to interview the women to try to uncover the “10 Commandments of Sex” and the result is majestic. There are gems like this one from Oscar Winner Mo’Nique:

“You muthafuckin’ right. Ass-licking is a commandment. You better lick my ass! And then, if you lick it well enough, I might let you put the head in. Lick my ass! That is a wonderful thing. Lick it! Ooooooh! Let me just say this: If they know what they doing, you can come from getting your ass licked. He ain’t never gotta touch your pussy!”

Or this quote from Miss Laura Hayes about having relations with a well-endowed gentleman whilst on tour with Bernie Mac:

“I was with this guy before I was married and he had a real big dick. And I was on this gig-it was with Bernie Mac- and all of a sudden, right before the show, my uterus was flipping back. It can get knocked outta shape and when it comes back it’s a painful muthafucka. Bernie and his road manager were like, “What is it? What can we do?” But I couldn’t tell ‘em I had fucked a nigga with a big dick and my uterus was flipping back!”

I suggest reading the whole thing. Your screen won’t be NSFW but your mind surely will be.

Read this Interview with the Queens of Comedy and then […]